You can contact us with most of the standard social media services, but also with a traditional e-mail.

For the ones out there that still prefer real mail that gets delivered right to your yard, you are more than welcome to send us a nice postcard or even a letter. We would love to read you, but, if it is in any way time sensitive please use one of the other methods.

We also answer phone calls and chat apps as soon as we are not in the water or sleeping.

Last but not least you can pop up directly to our place and we can discuss the possibilities of the different dive sites or training that are offered to you.

For Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Google Maps, or TripAdvisor look for Eco Dive Vanuatu.

For e-mail it’s

Phone and WhatsApp: +678 777 4491

Our postal address is :

Eco Dive Vanuatu

PO Box 308

Port Olry, Santo, Sanma


And for directions to come: drive on the East coast direction North, turn towards the water at the sign Eco Dive Vanuatu (or Turtle Bay). Keep going for 200m and then turn left. If you touch the water you are a tiny bit too far, come back 3 steps and we are here!

    Eco Dive Vanuatu