Vanuatu is a tropical archipelago of the South Pacific, which is already a good excuse to come diving here. Santo is the biggest island of Vanuatu, and divers have been coming here for decades to dive the President Coolidge shipwreck. At Eco Dive Vanuatu we focus on diving the reefs of the East Coast of Santo. Those reefs are untouched in pristine waters and we are the first ones to dive them! All together you en up with world-class diving so that’s even more an excuse to come to visit us.

Here are some of the dive sites we offer at the moment. There is more but you will have to see by yourself. And we are always looking to expand the list.

Little reef

Little reef is as the name suggests quite small, but only in the area it covers. The site is literally covered with corals so proper buoyancy is a prerequisite. Schools of fish are common with some larger fishes getting their dinner out of it. Nurse sharks and large stingrays are the possible encounters.

Depth: 15m to 25m so suitable for Open water and Advanced divers with good buoyancy.

Shark point

Shark point is a stunning slope of corals with barracudas, unicorn fish, turtles, and obviously some reef sharks. Sharks are normally seen in the 30m region so Advanced diver certification will be a prerequisite to go diving there.

Depth: 8m to 40m+ so suitable for Advanced divers. 

Million $ point

Million $ point is the historical dive site. It is an American army junkyard from WW2. Everything they didn’t want to bring back to the US got thrown in the water from a jetty. And to make sure no one could use any of it they throw a few explosives on it!

Depth: 3m to 40m so suitable to any level even snorkelers.

Johnny’s plane

Johnny’s plane is a Birdcage Corsair fighter from WW2, and the New Zealand forces used this particular one. We couldn’t find the ID plate so we don’t really know what happened to it, but the propeller is missing…

The plane is sitting at 30m so this dive is reserved for Advanced divers.

Latest discovery

This latest discovery is a dive site with abundant marine life, a resident turtle, and plenty of corals. It may even be a cleaning station for large pelagics, but we need to go there more often to find out. It hasn’t been named yet so after your dive if you feel inspired let us know what we should call it.

Depth: 10m to 30m+ so suitable for any level.

Eco Dive Vanuatu