Kevin is our manager, he likes to do new things all the time. He felt in love with Santo so decided to start something here. He loves being in the water but doesn’t have enough time to come as often as he would like. And don’t get him started on silver…

          Tula is our divemaster. He has been diving basically for ever. From commercial diving to leading tek divers down the US President Coolidge. And after all those years, the fish that he like the most is a bat fish… You can try ask him why, I personally haven’t figured it out.



          Tristan, instructor when the sea is close by, or traveller the rest of the time. He has been teaching for a few years in different place of the world, and always bring the camera when he can.

          Aket is our captain, he used to work on a big ferry, but cruising between islands and reefs seems to be a better match for him. If you mention to him that you saw a tuna, or big travelly during the dive, you might have to wait for a while on the boat because he will jump in the water to try to catch it!

Aket giving a helpful hand