Scuba diving training with Eco Dive Vanuatu combines safe quality training with a wonderful environment.

We offer scuba diving training from first time with a SCUBA to professional level. Try dive, open water diver, deep diving, …, and divemaster, are some of the courses we can offer. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like to train for some other specialities.

All the courses can be in English or French at your convenience.

All the courses follow the SSI standards to ensure you get access to the best quality of training and that your safety is always assured.

Open Water Diver

The Open Water course is the first one that will give you a certification to be able to go diving all over the world. It’s a bit of theory to understand the principles of diving and to get a bit more familiar with the different effects on your body while being underwater. It’s followed by practice in different sessions for you to get familiar with the equipment and the environment.

At the end of the course, you will receive a certification that will allow you to go diving to a maximum of 18m.

The course is normally done in 4 days but that can be adapted to your need and availability. Theory can be done online or via the app and will be reviewed in person with your instructor.


Advanced Adventurer

The advanced course is an intermediate course for you to discover different types of diving. You will have to choose from a selection of options that we can accommodate here in Santo. That selection will allow you to get more familiar with some diving that might interest you. Usually, people will include deep and night in it so they will then be allowed to go down to 30m or go diving during the night.

The advanced adventurer course will be 5 dives with a bit of theory for each one.

The normal duration is 3 days but we can accommodate different schedules.

Deep diving speciality

The deep diving course, as the name suggests, will allow you to go diving deeper. We do stick to recreational diving which means that even if we are going deeper we won’t do decompression dives. This course included a more in-depth theory of the effects on your body related to diving.

The deep diving course includes the theory that can be done online or via the app and will be reviewed with your instructor and 3 dives. In the end, you will be allowed to go down to 40m without decompression. The normal duration is 3 days and can be accommodated.

Wreck diving specialities

The wreck diving courses will teach you the safety around and inside the wreck, with properly laying out a line and managing your buoyancy in a confined environment. 

The first part of the course can be done in 2 days for anyone with at least an Open Water. It will be practising outside of the wreck.

The second part of the course will teach you inside of the wreck. You will need to be at least 16, have the first level and at least 24 dives. 3 days will be required to achieve the course. 

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